Unnamed aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones, date back to the 1900s, and for a long time have been a subject very much reserved for the military. Nevertheless, the constant development of new technologies, low production costs, and the lack of prohibition for civilians around the world to operate these devices, has caused an impressive boom in the use of drones for many reasons, like film and photography, surveillance, rescue operations and even commercial delivery.

A Bill that aims to the creation of a law that will regulate the flight of drones by civilians, has recently been submitted for approval of the Honduran Congress, focused mainly on the inappropriate use of these devices.

The short bill looks to establish the following:

  1. The requirement to register drones in a Special Registry, managed by the Honduran Agency of Civil Aeronautics.
  2. Regulation of no-fly zones and no-fly heights.
  3. Limit the operation of drones to day-time-only.
  4. Sanctions to inappropriate use.

The regulation of this subject is necessary for the general public, in order to prevent the use of drones for illegal purposes and authorizing the use of the same for activities that promote economic development and entertainment.

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Author: Arturo Zacapa